Tee Grizzley “Goes Back to His Old Hood”

Tee Grizzley Goes Back to His Old Hood joy rd
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26 Comments on "Tee Grizzley “Goes Back to His Old Hood”"

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Quincy Bills

8287 grandville bitch

banjio cain
Bro I'm so tired of seeing you lame ass out of town people saying he gone get caught lacking and all this bullshit bro first of we don't even talk like that here in this bitch bro Detroit full of hating ass niggas but tee Gucci when he touch down in this bitch the reason some of y'all favorite rappers can't go to they home town is blankly because they blow up and forget like they was never born or raised there tee good when he in the city joy.rd defiantly not soft fuck how the hood look most of… Read more »
LpSaml VazqUez

is snapp Dogg his homie since they from Detroit.

Harlem World

I kno detroit a dangerous city but it look like dont shit be goin on, on dat block…Looks are deceiving tho

Stanley Rivers

Shidd them bandgang niggas environment was lookin a lil rougher than that fam💯😳

Lavar Ball

Smh them opps finna catch his ass lacking

Kid Trunks

All jokes aside where did this nigga come from ? Atleast all these other new rappers were lit before the fame I never heard of this nigga in my life … somebody please ? Recommend a song other than first day out or some shit because im really confused


Real niggas can walk around they hood only niggas that b boostin be hiding…and fuk king yella and all them hoass niggas that was dissin the homie #DetroitVsEverybody

Payton Prichett

cuz you should had came on 69# when you was in the chi👻👻👻👻👻👻

21 Savage's Gun

Tee grizzly look like a abondon Teddy Bear that came to life one day

yellow smoke

bro u act like he is in a dangerous area he prolly outside a gas station getting gas and a Gatorade lol

Often Reported

Dude gettin too comfortable, he gon get his ass shot or killed. Dude tweakin

Often Reported

😂 nigga named the video Tee Griz
He was in a rush to post this

Larry Bryant

what up tee fuck yeah real men do what they want broke boys do what they can 7 mile boss younglover next time u go to chicago take the whole eastside spend that cash for ur protection ill even go fuck chi town broke high ass clowns killing for nothing still aint got shit but a body kill yall self🔫👻🚽

QuickSilver SnD

This nigga goes to different city's for shows and immediately goes to the hood there that nigga dumb they gonna Rob that nigga one day bruh

mr. Beasley

this nigga gon be back in the hood soon ,his music sucks

Mack Anderson

aint nobody gone touch tee over there boi

Matt Dawg

Man U Detroit lames can't keep Chicago out your fuckin mouth! Look at all these comments lol…I guess that's how it is when u live in a crusty ass city wit nothin to do

The Homie

I would have love to grow up in that hood, shit look like paradise compared to my livin situations as a young1


the Joy is a legendary hood in Detroit niggas sayin goofy shit joy rd exit 9 is called skudd zone for a reason the McDonalds four blocks behind him is called the murda mack shit aint sweet on the Rd im from Joy Rd n Vaughan im hip FACTS

2017 business

leave grandma at home. if niggas start poppin she gone get hit smh


Niggas be hating in Detroit but niggas that's on not gone get harmed in the city we not Chicago just killing niggas for no reason tee good

Pluto K

Haters on that ass boy…

Chicago Streets TV

Dry ass hood lmao


that nigga look like he should be blind or some shit something not right about this nigga face bruh he down syndrome or something