Orange Is the New Black season 5 Episode 9

“The Tightening”

Red, coming down from her drug high, is nursed by Nicky, who thinks her warnings about Piscatella showing up are hallucinations. Piscatella, in full riot gear, attacks Blanca in a utility room, where she had gone to set a boobytrap in case he showed up anyway. Inmates begin disappearing one by one, including Nicky and Boo, but nobody believes Red. Gloria begs Caputo (locked in a Porta-Potty) to let her out on furlough to see her son, but Caputo says he can’t help her until she lets the hostages go. After Boo disappears, Linda desperately seeks out Caputo, who was let out to back up the inmates’ claim of slave labor to Figueroa. Another inmate, who had turned Linda’s high heels into shivs after Piper and Alex first found her, recognizes her as a hostage, but Linda runs away with one of the shoe shivs. Lorna, hurt by Nicky’s comments that her pregnancy is all in her head, convinces Suzanne to stop taking her psych medicine. Red finds Friedas map to the “bunker” in her cooking book and discovers Piscatella prisoners on her way there by accident. While trying to free them Piscatella arrives.

Flashback: In the late 1970s, Red is a young woman in the Soviet Union working a menial factory job. Her rebellious friend Nadezhda introduces her to the world of underground discos and black-market Levi’s, but Nadezhda soon vanishes. Red’s ex-boyfriend, Dmitry (whom she had dumped for being too dull), proposes they lie about being Jewish in order to escape to the United States, as Jews were being allowed to immigrate to countries other than Israel.

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