Orange Is the New Black season 5 Episode 8

“Tied to the Traintracks”

Red and Blanca send text messages from Humphries’ phone to Piscatella, claiming the inmates are not armed and encouraging him to break into the prison via a window at night. He takes the information to the CERT, who blow him off. Aleida does a live TV interview with Meredith Vieira and Judy King, who breaks the news about Humphries being shot. She doesn’t remember the shooter’s name but describes Daya, leaving Aleida in shock. The news reaches Piscatella, who is mocked by the CERT members. Figueroa returns to the prison, this time as a negotiator for MCC. She claims they can’t afford to meet the inmates’ demands, but Taystee – who has done her research via the Internet and Caputo’s files – shuts her down. Once she receives a phone call about Humphries, however, she says amnesty for everybody is off the table. After a discussion with Piper and others, Taystee agrees to hand over Daya, who first calls Pornstache’s mother to ask her to adopt her daughter out of foster care. Gloria’s son is in the ICU after being severely beaten. Piscatella, after texting “Humphries” that he was going to stand down, enters the prison after dark instead.

Flashback: A 14-year-old Daya (played by Dasany Kristal Gonzalez, actress Dascha Polanco‘s own daughter) pursues a boy based on her mother’s insistence, despite her best friend’s feelings for him. Daya ends up rejected by the boy and dumped by her friend.

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