Orange Is the New Black season 5 Episode 10

“The Reverse Midas Touch”

Piscatella has Red, Piper, Alex and others tied up in a room, where he uses a knife to cut off Red’s hair. Piper gets the duct tape off her mouth and yells for help, which is heard by Gina, who is holed up playing cards in Freida’s basement “bunker” with Yoga Jones, Anita and others. The entrance to the room they are in leads to where Piscatella is. Gloria tries to free the prison guards but is interrupted. Maureen, who has still not recovered from the beating, is found delirious in the bathroom by Suzanne, who takes her to the infirmary. Suzanne, by now in a psychotic state, finds Humphries dead. Gina lures Piscatella into the basement, where Freida knocks him out with a homemade poison dart.

Flashback: At his earlier job, Piscatella, then soft at heart, and Driscoll were having an affair. Driscoll is supportive and loving of Piscatella, whose mother had hoped to “fix” him. Another inmate, Resado, spies them together in the kitchen, and he and other inmates rape Driscoll in a bathroom. Piscatella later handcuffs Resado to the shower and leaves him under scalding hot water.

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