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6 Comments on "DMX – Make a Move"

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Pat A

this is how I know utube is mostly young folks smh dmx is a legend

Nik Bean

the only nigga to drop 2 albums in same year n they both go platinum! ! lol lol! he is to be respected!

Cris P Bacon

bn an x fan since i first heard him still a fan wish hed get str8 tho n put out wat hes meant to

John Doe


Robert Lawrie
I gotta take your game learn your cheat code then go full retard beat a ho grim reap your essence' rearrange your face in your own stadium my new realistate so get 2 steppin or I'm a force you with led like boom' making moves strategic maneuvers heat in holster creep on your roster' what seems to be the mofo'n officer problem coppers get rocked in the same fashion' popo meet my 44 try taking the hinges off my fort knox' para ordinance a pair readily available make you wish you never showed up to work and stayed home twerking… Read more »