Cardi B Addresses Rumors Of “Cash Me Outside” Girl Allegedly Saying CARDI B AINT WITH THE SH*TS!


Cardi B answers rumors of cash me oustside girl allegedly talking down on cardi and saying she isnt with the drama/sh*ts. Cardi B Addresses Rumors Of “Cash Me Outside” Girl Allegedly Saying CARDI B AINT WITH THE SH*TS! Cardi B is most known for her role in Love And Hip Hop, ‘Love & Hip Hop NY’, and her for hit songs like “What Girl Wants”, “Foreva”, “Cheap Ass Weave”, “Stripper Hoe”, “On Fleek”, “Lil Thot”, “Sauce Boyz”, “I Gotta Hurt You”, “Washpoppin” and many more and also for her collobrations with artist like N.O. Corleone, Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, DC Pride Epic, DJ RATCHET + DJ STEVO , DJ Khaled, Future, TJR, and many more and her lastest mixtape Cardi B – Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1

In the event that there’s one thing to think about Cardi B, it’s her ruthless trustworthiness. The stripper turned online networking star has stood out as truly newsworthy for her unfiltered identity on Instagram, which has since earned her a seat nearby the cast of Love and Hip: New York.

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Her amusing, to-the-point tirades via web-based networking media have gotten a large number of adherents β€” however there’s something else entirely to the New York-local than meets the eye! Keep perusing for some quick actualities on the truth star!

In a meeting with Vlad TV, the 23-year-old uncovered she began moving when she was only a youngster. She doesn’t lament the choice, as she attributes stripping to sparing her life while she persevered through a harsh relationship.

“I was poor as damnation,” Cardi clarified. “I was living with my ex, who was beating my butt. I needed to drop out of school. It was insane.”

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Promote, amid an appearance on Kocktails With KhloΓ©, she opened up on how she broke the news to her mom. The 23-year-old asserted to have deceived her mom for quite a long time about her profession, and disclosed to her she was a sitter utilized by “white individuals who are so rich.”

“One time she got me frantic and we were contending,” she said. “Furthermore, I resembled, ‘Goodness it’s your blame, cause you showed me out the house and that is the reason I’m stripping!’ And she quite recently pushed me down the staircase.”

Cardi B has unquestionably changed A LOT throughout the years β€” and her most recent Instagram snap demonstrates it!

The Love and Hip Hop: New York star imparted this return secondary school photograph to her devotees β€” where she looks about unrecognizable.

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“Child I WAS WILD SHEEEERRRRMMMM [sic],” she subtitled the picture. “I told ya I complete secondary school THOO [sic]. B- – ches used to detest me in HS.”

We wager they were recently desirous of her ability and magnificence!


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Blessed Foreman

I like her, but you shouldn't entertain a child's bs if your grown. but I kinda agree because Danielle needs a good beaten

Kae Breezy

CardiπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚that's why I love you

Music Genius

She out here arguing with 13yrs old πŸ˜‚


Cardi is a very cute young lady. But she's always negative and ratchet. Nothing is wrong with being ratchet if you like to chill and vibe outside of that too.

I see some of the prettiest black chicks always turned up and ignorant.

And dudes, black dudes, that see your potential always get turned down.

Funny thing is, its about money and status. And some of these hoes got all that from a nigga and still unhappy.

Chicks blame men. But where the niggas be at in these videos when females be beefing? 😴


Daniel Andrade

Cardi is going to fuck nicki up lmao

daniel vela


Gas Gotti

This bitch is so ratchet I wanna marry her RIGHT NOW. It would be fight all day fuck all night. WORD

Jey Lakey

Danielle trying everybody

Fuck.boi16 Winning

cardi silly bitch… find something positive to do…

The Rambelrz

this some damn click bait

Hope Brown

CB tell these chicks you 2 cute to fight

Stevie Breezy

her and lashontae heckard man 😍😍πŸ”₯

Trevell Ellis

Cardi B, I have lots of love for you. You alright with me baby.

Tangela Jones

Collect those Checks CardiB Boo…Phuk….errrbody

Miriam Arroyo

she never talk about no cash me ousside girl

fuck the year you watching in .nigga

Why all yo solutions is to fight like damn you ever think you got so much shit to lose like wtf

belinda smith

at the end of the day dat Lil girl Danielle whatever​ her name is needs to learn some respect

treasie treasie

so just​ because​ you don't have a million followers that makes you a nobody??? πŸ€” hmm. I usually agree with bae but not today

Adii B

She needs help man

Good People Prosper

is it me or does she just sound stupid. just the way they're nothing to her no popular person wants to fight with her she's​beneath them just like the others are beneath her supposedly. This woman will be the one to kill her own career she doesn't know how and when to shut up!

nile peterson

She is trash lol

Elijah Wilson

these people give out fake information all the time somebody please report them cuz I'm tired of these people exposing themselves

Jezobel Stowers

1:26 tho, He aint holding back

indigo Rager

stop gassing up these hoes.


she's 14 though πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘I hope she don't fight her 🀣🀣

shawn peter

I'm off this shit for today dumb bitchs beefing over dumb bitchs I'm done

Jr Little

this bitch is fuckn retarded fight me a popular bitch



Ashley Campos

the big red wigs are not cute..

Lil Hush

i agree people talk shit online alot But seriously?Just becuase you have more followers then them there a nobody?Thats sad

Sean Lamb

Food for the brainless ! ! WOW ..I'm guessing lead paint chips for breakfast DAILY ! !

beach life816

πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― nobody ass wack bitches

Shaniqua James

she sounds like an idiot why she talk's like that


I like Cardi B but if u really sit there and fight every bitch that hates your going be ugly asf w/ mad scares from fighting your whole life . Just let bitches talk sometimes.

Saretta Lowery

Carid b your sisters and you are cute they just hater doing let word get to you you famous so get that check



Shannier Horsford

bitch I love you

Bianca Phillips

Sounds like she needs to be in the confederation and win one of those fire ass waist belts

Dreezy Breezy

She's Sexy af

Glitter Boss

I love cardi b

Maria Prieto

I suck dick

voomvang scoomski

cardi b is the baddest bitch in the game.

North Ava

lame aye is all that comes out that mouth really the celebritys are the real nobody's so yea you going to hell hoe

lady Nekay

no class

lady Nekay

not lady like at all what the fuck is she say it all sounds like shit coming out her mouth she got her teeth fixed and still sound like a mouth full of dicks. you can have all the money in the world but still have no class


cardio b is ignorant, sounds like a fucking retard. what a sad whore

Kae Breezy

That's why Cardi B my boo(Love her on LOVE and Hip Hop New York)

Tonya Gonzalez

she must not know some of us seen her fight! and she aint that good at it!!!


You can tell cardi b was serious dirty nasty slut, before she was famous